The PredictProtein Team

Burkhard Rost, Group Leader
  • Founded the PredictProtein service
  • Contributed the original methods (PHD, PROF) and first online server
  • Continues to support the server by all means possible
Guy Yachdav, Project Leader
  • Manages ongoing development and collaborations
  • Desinged, implemented and maintians the PredictProtein pipeline and online service
  • Provides ongoing supoprt
Laszlo Kajan, Director of Software Development
  • Lead software development and packaging
  • Contributed the Freecontact method
  • Created and maintains the PredictProtein Virtual Machine
Tim Karl, System Administration
  • Provides ongoing hardware matintenance
  • Maintains the server's underlying software and databases
Manfred Roos, Software Developer
  • Maintains the PredictProtein Knowledgebase

Scientific Board

Edda Kloppmann, Scientific Board Chair
  • Edits Site Content
  • Coordinates and provides scientific advice
Maximilian Hecht, PhD Student
  • Member of the Scientific Editorial Board
  • Contributed the SNAP2 method
Tatyana Goldberg, PhD Student
  • Member of the Scientific Editorial Board
  • Contributed the LOCtree2 method
Tobias Hamp, PhD Student
  • Member of the Scientific Editorial Board
  • Contributed the Metastudent method for GO Term prediction
Jonas Reeb, PhD Student
  • Member of the Scientific Editorial Board
  • Responsible for the trasnmembrenal annotations

Former Contributors

Jinfeng Liu, Alumnus
  • Contributed code for the PredictProtein pipeline
  • Contributed the NORS, CHOP & CHOPnet (discontinued) methods
Yana Bromberg, Alumnus
  • Contriubted the Original SNAP method
Avner Schlessinger, Alumnus
  • Contributed the ProfBval, MD, NorsNet methods
Yanay Ofran, Alumnus
  • Contributed the PPSites and DISIS methods
Rajesh Nair, Alumnus
  • Contributed the LocTree method
Henry Bigelow, Alumnus
  • Contributed the PROFtmb method
Sven Mika, Alumnus
  • Provided the UniqueProt method
Dariusz Przybylski, Alumnus
  • Contributed the AGAPE metod
Kazimierz Wrzeszczynski, Alumnus
  • Contributed code and ideas

External Contributors

Nir Ben-Tal
  • Provides ongoing guidance
  • Contributed the ConSurf method
Paolo Frasconi
  • Contributed the DISULFIND method

Original Contributors

Chris Sander
  • Made it possible that PredictProtein went online in 1992, and stayed online until 1998
  • Original author of the HSSP method
Reinhard Schneider
  • Original author of the HSSP method
Gerrit Vriend
  • Helped getting the PredictProtein server online
Antoine de Daruvar
  • Helped getting the first PredictProtein server online
Roy Omond
  • Hacked some of the original code

Other Contributors

Rachel First, Graphic Artist
  • Designed the artwork for the localization prediction
  • Desinged the Site Tutorial